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“I believe that there are many ways to get things done, but insist on doing them the right way.”

Through silky vocals, dense beats, and insightful lyrics, SR.Gent is generating a commanding presence in music. Pronounced like the military rank, “sergeant,” his overall mission is to support and empower independent artists.  His record label, LTP INC., is helping others seize opportunities and gain the necessary knowledge to enhance their careers. With a positive and professional mindset, SR.Gent has already earned an outstanding reputation for himself on his quest to redefine the industry at large.

Born Lester Rodell Smith Jr., SR.Gent derived his name from three concepts. As a medically retired army sergeant, the name is a nod to his military service. He is also a junior, and the “SR” stands in honor of his father. Finally, with respect to the ladies, SR.Gent is a true gentleman. Originally from Tuscon, Arizona, he moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia when he was 15 years old. In 2007, he joined the army. After being deployed and completing two tours in Afghanistan, he was medically retired in 2014. SR then moved to Winter Garden, Florida, just outside of Orlando, where he is currently based. 

As a child, SR began writing poetry at six years old after the passing of his mother. Writing served as a therapy for him. As he grew, his skills improved. When his work as a sergeant abruptly came to an end, SR needed to find another profession to pursue. He picked up the pen again, this time to write music. He bought a studio and began teaching himself how to mix. In an effort to develop his sound, SR recorded 300 songs in his first year and began releasing tracks online. People started reaching out to him, and eventually, SR was put in touch with representatives of Universal Music Group. This was a first glimpse into the industry, and SR learned more about how the music business worked. Determined to gain even more knowledge and insight, he attended Berklee College of Music in 2014. SR graduated with a concentration in Pro Tools Production with a specialization in music business trends and strategies. 

While still enrolled in school, SR launched his company, LTP INC, an acronym that stands for, “Linking Talented People.” The objective is to connect artists in the industry and teach them the essential skills necessary to build a successful career. As CEO, SR manages the record label as his primary focus. With the tagline, “Give Good Music A Listen,” LTP INC is paving the way for emerging talent. They currently have 4 other artists on the team, including CashOnAble, Gutta Terantino, DTrick Tha Bandit, and Stefanello. SR also offers visual production through his organization, LTP Films, which creates professional-quality music videos. Multi-talented with an eye for fashion, SR’s bold-styled clothing line, AlienWhere, is available now with a limited merch drop. Fans can “release the alien inside” by visiting for more info. 

Inspired by artists like Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Lyfe Jennings, SR.Gent has created an edgy sound that echoes the golden age of music. He has a familiar vibe that pulses with commercial appeal while maintaining an original style. In 2019, SR teamed up with Grammy award-winning artist, Constantine, and The Legion to release their monster club hit, “Get Loose.” While this song and a few of his other releases are still available, SR.Gent is revving up for a rebrand and rerelease of his previous work. With a stacked catalog, he will be dropping new projects with a strategic approach, applying all he’s learned in his course of study so far. SR is preparing for his arrival with the debut album, 1992, a storytelling hip-hop collection set for release on June 29, 2022. SR.Gent will follow up that project with two more drops this year, including pop and R&B albums. By unveiling a range of styles this year, SR is displaying his versatility and showing audiences what they can expect from him in the future. 

After eight years of trial and error, SR understands the industry from a different angle. He’s turned down a lot of bad deals and has made the choice to remain independent. The journey has been riddled with challenges, but SR has overcome them. His strong work ethic and a focus on progress, not perfection, have helped him hone his craft, reaching a level of refinement in his music. Powerful and direct, his songs touch upon world topics and reach for a positive mentality. His silky vocals, delightful melodies, and soothing rhythms draw listeners in, allowing them to feel uplifted and empowered. The proud father of Lhyric Rylee Smith, SR is dedicated to his family and building a legacy to leave behind. Filled with undying passion, SR.Gent is establishing himself as a multitalented artist and entrepreneur on the rise.

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